Almost 2 years ago...

It's hard to believe that almost two years ago, tomorrow...this light of God's love came from China to completely bless our home. She is amazing and we've never been the same since she arrived!!

Forever changed, and forever grateful...

The Big Day!

Molly had her 62 staples removed was a bit traumatic as you could imagine, but because school has let out for the year, her siblings were right there with her, to help her through it!! The incision looks good, still some swelling, but overall a good report from her Doctor!

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Brahma, his nurse Annie and the whole facility of Children's Healthcare Scottish Rite! We've been so impressed and so well taken care of.

If all goes well with her incision the next few days, she should be swimming by this weekend!! Amazing!!

God is good!!
Molly is getting more and more back to herself! Now I'm having the hardest time holding her back from the trampoline, playing hide and seek, running, etc... It is a good thing :-)
She's definitely got her appetite back :-)

We can never thank everyone so much for all of your prayers on her behalf. We're so thankful how God has chosen to answer the many prayers!

God is good!

Recovering Very Well!

Molly is doing just amazing! She's recovering so quickly that she wanted to go to her Upward Soccer Awards Night last night. She did great until she saw all of the children jumping on the jolly jumps and wanted to join in! We were thrilled that she felt so good that she wanted to jump, but we had to leave because she didn't really understand why she couldn't. (She has antibiotic cream on her hair, that is why it is shiny)

She's not been on any pain medication since we've come home and simply doesn't need it, which is almost impossible to imagine. The swelling is going down quickly and she's almost back to normal.

We're grateful to God for what He's done in her life! We're grateful for all of your prayers.

God is Good, all the time :-)

We're HOME!

We're home and it feels so good. The hospital was excellent, we could never say enough good things about the hospital staff, and our doctor, they were all excellent!

Molly is in great spirits and has been up playing for several hours! She had a nice nap after the car ride home, but has been very energetic since she got home. She's very happy, still swollen, but happy.

It's great to be back home together as a family and we're more than ready to get into a normal routine. We're still basking in the amazing grace that we've witnessed first hand through the miracles that God has performed.

Thanks once more for all for all of the prayers! GOD IS GOOD!


Dr. Brahma came to do rounds this morning at 9 a.m. and cut off the turban bandage. She got to feel her smooth head for the first time! It is beautiful! The incision looks great, lots and lots of staples, but all is well and they're going to wash her hair today. He also told us that she could go home!! Even though her eyes were not open, he said she's doing so well and eating and drinking so she could go. We were so happy.

We knelt to pray and thank God for all the wonderful things he done, giving us the great surgeon, the really outstanding hospital, the surgery, bringing her to our family and letting us go home today. The moment we said Amen, I looked up and so did she...her eyes opened :-)


Family Visit

Molly had her first official visitors today! The children finally got to come for a visit and it was great! Molly was awake for 2 hours and we kept her busy, playing, eating, walking and visiting. Now she is sound asleep but happy. She really came alive the whole time they were here. It was so good for her! Her face is very swollen, but we're still hoping that she may get one eye open tomorrow so she can be released. All else is well, she's needed extra pain meds a few times today, but overall she's been ok with just tylenol. Amazing!

Grandpa Bruce relieved me for several hours so I could take a nap :-) He told her stories and read to her. We made up a game where she had to identify things we put in her hands because she can see nothing. It's amazing how resilient children are.